We will explore possible environmental and/or biological causes of your distress, to help you overcome them.


Our “soul” purpose is to aid you in your journey of 
self-discovery and self-knowledge.


Our focus is to encourage you and assist you in your self-discovery. You may be asking yourself:“Why am I so depressed?” .

“Why do I feel stuck?”
“Why do I feel so scared?”
“Why am I so angry?

Our practice is centered on assisting you to determine what takes away your serenity, your happiness, your motivation, your energy or your health, in order to help you return to a feeling of well-being in a caring, private, supportive and safe environment.

Our ultimate goal is to help you experience and enjoy a healthier life. This practice was conceived to help you develop the tools to overcome life stressors and obstacles in ways that empower you. By incorporating these tools into your life, you can develop a sense of fulfillment, self-love, confidence and resilience.


Our practice provides a welcoming and caring setting with a focus on confidentiality, trust, acceptance and respect.